Business Tips

Anyone can be an entrepreneur but maintaining the enterprise might be difficult due to several reasons such as capital, risk or skills. That is why World Mission 21 offers you a low risk & low cost business opportunity to pursue the goal of financial security. You do not have to possess any skills because World Mission 21 also offers different trainings & developments for all distributors to strengthen their ability to move forward towards their goal. By undergoing the training & development system, you are getting closer to all attractive bonuses and incentive rewards!

Your sincere hard work is rewarded! With World Mission 21 rewards plan, you are entitled to be rewarded for selling products, sponsoring new members with purchase of products and assist your members to sell their products. We believe that the harder you work, the higher you should be rewarded. The rewards consist of different bonus schemes based on your achievement and our plan strategy. You can start with us with a low cost and low risk. Our policy consists of different forms:

a. Instant commission
b. Daily commission
c. Weekly commission
d. Monthly Commission
e. Achievement Reward